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Stormsaver Attenuation Crates

Attenuation Crates

The Stormsaver attenuation crates are supplied fully assembled and ready to install. This means they are delivered to site for simple and rapid installation.

The crates are available in standard duty, or high load bearing, that is suitable for locating under HGV trafficked areas. The crates come in various sizes, ensuring versatility in both size and shape of stroage and are lightweight, with each unit being under 15kg.

Flow controls can be supplied separately and should be fitted to the overflow. The flow rate of this will be determined by the sites requirements.

All crates are manufactured in the UK in accordance with current planning regulations - England, Planning Policy Statement 25 - Development and Floods, Wales, Technical Advise Note 15, and covered in Scotland by Planning Advice Note 61.

The system can be easily be combined with a Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems to not only retain water, but re-use it.

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Every day I continue to be delighted with the results that the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is delivering. I tell everyone about it! We've even made our water meter public to show how much water we save!

Kelvin Jones, Gorseinon Development Trust