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StormStation Above Ground System

Our unique StormStation provides you with the most simple to fit solution that the rainwater harvesting industry has to offer. Our complete arrangement provides you with an above ground tank, filtration, pumps and controls all house in one unit which can be easily retro-fitted to existing sites, installed as part of a new build, or used as a portable piece of equipment for construction site toilets.

Our StormStation rainwater harvesting systems are suitable for a wide range of applications and buildings, such as:

  • Retro-fitting to existing buildings
  • Fuel Stations and service stations
  • Fast food outlets in out of town areas
  • Toilet blocks on construction sites (unit is portable and can be moved)
  • Any building where an underground storage tank arrangement is not suitable

How does the StormStation work?


The StormStation has been designed so that it can be situated in place, straight from the back of the delivery vehicle, using either a hiab or forklift truck.

Rainwater is collected from the roof area of the building and enters the main storage tank via the pre-tank filter installed within. Storage capacities range from 3000L to 20,000L. Your rainwater is then distributed at pressure by either fixed or variable speed, twin booster pumps. As with all Stormsaver systems, there is an automatic, WRAS Compliant mains water top up to provide a continuous water supply.

Stormstation rainwater harvestingThe unit is pre-plumbed and assembled with any BMS connections, automatic backwashing filtration, UV disinfection or controls that you may have specified and is fully tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. This will save you time and labour on site, and minimises the likelihood of mistakes being made during the installation. 

Applications include:

  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry
  • Wash down facilities

The unit is not suitable for irrigation or commercial vehicle wash applications.

More on our rainwater harvesting systems

StormStation rainwater harvesting systemAll of the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems will make the most economic use of the local rainfall with predicted water consumption.

It is recommended that you speak to our expert staff to help you choose the correct type of system for your application and that you choose low water consuming products to complement the system, furthering a reduction in overall consumption.

All Stormsaver systems come with a 12 month warranty from date of commissioning.







Get an idea of how much a rainwater harvesting system will cost your business.

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Get an idea of how much a rainwater harvesting system will cost your business or home

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Every day I continue to be delighted with the results that the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is delivering. I tell everyone about it! We've even made our water meter public to show how much water we save!

Kelvin Jones, Gorseinon Development Trust